yellow rattle flowers
yellow rattle seed pods
yellow rattle seed pods


Yellow rattle is a small annual herb, found circumpolar in the north. It grows in meadows, fields, ditches, and moist to dry grassy areas, tolerating a wide range of soil types. Yellow rattle is hemi-parasitic, relying partly on surrounding plants for nutrition. In this way it can be used in meadow restoration by suppressing dominant grasses and sequestering soil nutrition. This creates better conditions for wildflowers to thrive. Flowers bloom from May to September and are pollinated by bumblebees in the Summer. Seeds follow, and "rattle" in their dry capsule pods as the name implies. Yellow rattle is an unmistakable plant with it's saw-toothed leaves and bilaterally symmetrical yellow flowers, a unique and beneficial addition to wildflower meadows.

Growing From Seed

Growing from seed is one of the most economical and satisfying ways to build a native plant garden. The table shows brief planting instructions, including how long and what kind of stratification this plant needs. For further information on stratification and seed preparation please refer to our article: Preparing To Grow Wild Plant Seeds

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Growing From Plants

Seedlings are a more economical option than established plants and an easier start than growing from seed. Our plants are shipped in soil blocks or plug trays. Plants do surprizingly well in the mail but need special care upon arrival. Please see Planting Mail Order Seedlings for information on how to plant and care for seedlings.


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