About Us

As a small family run seed and seedling farm, we are passionate about northern BC's unique ecosystem and the important role native and medicinal plants play in the urban, rural, and the wild environments.

We are fairly new, the business was started in 2020 as a tree service and we moved to BC with plans to bring our passion of native and medicinal plants to the interior Pacific Northwest. Our vision came from a combined interest in native, and medicinal plants and their importance to the public and in ecosystems.

Currently we are focusing on online supply of soil blocks and seed packs of trees, woody plants, herbaceous plants, grasses, and sedges. As a small nursery, our intention is increased value rather than volume, personal relations rather than automation.

Eco Friendly

We provide sustainable, eco-friendly methods; avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, and using organic materials for fertilizing and maintainting plant health. As a small farm, hand tools are mainly used used, mitigating our carbon footprint and noise pollution while working. Plant seeds are sourced locally and ethically from our forest or nearby wild sites to reduce transportation emissions. Recycled materials are used to their fullest where possible for structures, propagation, etc.

We recommend and promote the use of native trees and plants to support local ecosystems. Plants have a deep connection to the local conditions, mother trees and soil miccorrizae. We believe a few small and seemingly effortless decisions such as diversification, preserving soil health, and growing wild plant species can make lasting changes on the environment.