yarrow flowers
yarrow flowers
yarrow flowers
yarrow leaves
yarrow leaves
yarrow leaves


Yarrow is an attractive and useful wildflower, native to North America, Europe, and Asia. Commonly found on roadsides, clearings, fields, and other and mildly disturbed sunny areas. The pant can spread underground by rhizomes and grow in groups or as solitary flowers. Perhaps it's most well known use is as a medicinal herb, known historically to treat wounds, colds, stomach issues, and many other ailments. Yarrow is low maintenance, drought tolerant, and can thrive in hot, dry areas. As a common landscape plant, many multicoloured cultivars exist, but none are more recommended than wild yarrow for medicinal potency.

From June to September (depending on the area), corymbs of numerous white to pale pink flowers appear, attracting pollinators and beneficial insects. These beneficials include hoverflies, ladybugs, and predatory wasps. The leaves area uniquely dissected bipinnately or tripinnately so finely they resemble a fern or feather. The botanical name "millefolium" describes them meaning "a thousand leaves".

Growing From Seed

Growing from seed is one of the most economical and satisfying ways to build a native plant garden. The table shows brief planting instructions, including how long and what kind of stratification this plant needs. For further information on stratification and seed preparation please refer to our article: Preparing To Grow Wild Plant Seeds

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Growing From Plants

Seedlings are a more economical option than established plants and an easier start than growing from seed. Our plants are shipped in soil blocks or plug trays. Plants do surprizingly well in the mail but need special care upon arrival. Please see Planting Mail Order Seedlings for information on how to plant and care for seedlings.


We currently ship within the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, and it usually takes 2-5 business days in the mail once shipped. Seeds ship year-round. Plants are generally available from May to September and can be reserved during off season; Shipping costs are calculated during checkout. Seed orders over $100 ship free! See Shipping for more details.