Goldenrod flowers
Goldenrod flowers
Goldenrod flowers
Goldenrod colony
Goldenrod flowers


Western goldenrod is an attractive perennial wildflower native to North America, especially the west. It can be found in sunny meadows, thickets, fields, roadsides, and disturbed areas; growing up to 5 feet and spreading by rhizomes. As our western goldenrod, it's a summer favorite both for the eyes and butterflies, in landscapes and pollinator gardens.

Numerous golden yellow flower heads bloom in a pyramid shaped panicle head from July to October. They attract bumblebees and a variety of butterflies which feed on the flowers and eat the seeds. Many 3 veined, toothed to toothless leaves grow directly off the stem. In fall, flower heads fill with fluffy seeds, giving goldenrod a rustic autumn appearance.

Medicinally, a decoction of goldenrod tops or roots were used by First Nations people to treat fevers, flu, diarrhea, and for children's ailments. Goldenrod is a strong diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic; commonly used for tooth and mouth sores, wounds, skin issues, and inflammation.

Growing From Seed

Growing from seed is one of the most economical and satisfying ways to build a native plant garden. The table shows brief planting instructions, including how long and what kind of stratification this plant needs. For further information on stratification and seed preparation please refer to our article: Preparing To Grow Wild Plant Seeds

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Growing From Plants

Seedlings are a more economical option than established plants and an easier start than growing from seed. Our plants are shipped in soil blocks or plug trays. Plants do surprizingly well in the mail but need special care upon arrival. Please see Planting Mail Order Seedlings for information on how to plant and care for seedlings.


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