Large-leaf Avens


(Geum macrophyllum)

Large-leaf avens is a late spring perennial of the Rose family, closely related and in resemblance to strawberries and cinquefoils. Native to North America and eastern Asia, the plant is especially common in the Pacific North West, from Alaska to California. Habitats include forest edges and openings, moist woods, and wetlands.

From June to August it bears Yellow flowers with five spaced out petals, attracting bees and other pollinators. Probably the most unique feature of large-leaf avens is the long bristly styles creating round pin cushion-like seed heads. The leaves have a variety of interesting shapes and sizes on the same plant.

Many species and cultivars of Geum exist as garden plants and are easily divided or started via seed. Large-leaf avens is Low maintenance provided it's given adequate moisture. The plant also has some medicinal use as a Styptic, astringent, and febrifuge. Indigenous peoples used both the roots and leaves of the plant to make medicine for stomach pain or to aid in pregnancy and delivery.