Chamisso Arnica


(Arnica chamissonis)

Chamisso arnica is a flowering perennial native to western North America, naturalized in parts of Europe. It can be found in forest edges, moist meadows, and rocky areas; spreading by seed and underground rhizomes. The plant somewhat resembles a small sunflower. Blooms appear in early summer, boasting attractive bright yellow disk flowers surrounded by showy ray petals. Flowering occurs through the summer, attracting bees and butterflies. The flower is used in gardens and does well in high ph, calcareous soils under full sun. Arnicas are commonly used medicinally as a topical oil, poultice, or a cream remedy. Used to treat injuries and insect bites on the skins surface. It Can also be used for muscle aches, pain, rheumatic arthritis, muscular inflammation, and to promote blood circulation to injured areas.