Awl-fruited Sedge


(Carex stipata)

Awl-fruited sedge is a cool season perennial of Vulpinae type sedge, native to North America and Asia. Sedges are grouped according to common traits due to the large amount of species (over 600 in North America). Awl-fruited Sedge has many common names including prickly sedge, common fox sedge, stalk-grained sedge, amongst other names. The plant thrives in wet habitats such as waters edge, swamps, floodplains, and wet meadows. Its most prominent features include yellowish-green foliage and interesting green to golden brown prickly seed heads. This plant and establishes quickly, and is a good choice for wetland restoration purposes; tolerates full shade to full sun exposure, is deer-resistant, and attracts birds and native insects.