(Larix laricina)

tamarack buds
© Brad Winckelmann, some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC)
tamarack in fall
© Kristen Smith, all rights reserved
tamarack needles
© Pauline Catling, all rights reserved
tamarack bark
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tamarack cones
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Tamarack is a small to medium sized deciduous conifer. It grows across Canada from the far east to north east BC, with an isolated population in Alaska and a small population around Prince George, BC.

Blue-green needle-like leaves turn vibrant yellow in the fall before dropping, exposing bare twigs in the winter. The bark is gray and flaky, reddish underneath.

Commonly found in swamps, bogs, low wetlands, it is one of the first to grow as a pioneer species in a wet clearing, or after a fire. Tamarack is very cold tolerant and capable of adapting to diverse soil conditions.