Our Services

Fine pruning

We pay close attention to correct and proper pruning techniques. This involves avoiding damage to the cambium, promoting strong healthy branching, and creating visual aesthetics. Proper pruning techniques increase longevity and reduce chances of pest and disease attacks. As urban trees lack the natural shade provided in forest environments, yearly to bi-yearly pruning is structurally essential for trees in cities and suburbs.

Tree removal

Urban forestry can sometimes involve the necessary removal of trees. Whether in poor health, hazardous, or just in a bad location, we're here to address your small to mid-sized tree removal needs. Our workers are experienced in arboriculture, Climbing, rigging, and safe practices. Wood is removed and recycled as needed followed by a full cleanup when complete.

Hedge trimming

Whether regular maintenance is needed, or hedges have become too high to reach, we're here to help. Straight cuts and aesthetics are emphasized and we're also mindful of the long-term health of your hedge structure. We address the needs of each species, their current state, condition, and future challenges such as the loss of inner foliage resulting in "leggy" growth.

Shrub Maintenance

We provide rutine pruning and removal of bushes and shrubs, including ornamentals and fruit trees. This is often accompanied by seasonal maintenance such as edging, mulching, planting, deadwooding, and fall cleanup as needed.


We provide consulting on:
  • Tree and woody shrub identification
  • Planting and design recommendations
  • Disease diagnosis and advice
  • Ecological and sustainable landscaping practices