autumn willow flowers
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autumn willow habit
autumn willow habit


Autumn willow is a Native deciduous shrub growing about 3 to 8 feet in height. It occurs across North America in thickets, meadows, riverbanks, and calcareous sites; often in swamps with cedar and tamarack or in grasslands.

Leaves are leathery, elliptic to lance-shaped with long, tapering tips and fine serrations. Their colour is somewhat shinny, yellow green to dark green above, lighter and duller underneath. Twigs are erect, multi-stemmed, often forming a clump. The bark is shinny red-brown on young twigs, golden on older branches and grey on the oldest wood.

Stout catkins appear after leaves in June, with female trees eventually producing seeds surrounded by hairy tufts. Autumn willow closely resembles Salix lucida.


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