Three-leaf Foamflower


(Tiarella trifoliata)

Three-leaf foamflower (Tiarella trifoliata var. trifoliata) is one of the three varieties of foamflower, a delicate enchanting woodland perennial, native to western North America at somewhat higher elevations. It can be found in shaded areas of moist forest understory, coniferous forests, and streambanks; spreading by seed or by underground rhizomes, but not vigorously.

The plant is upright to leaning, with small pinkish to white flowers that dot long stems above the low foliage. Leaves rise mainly from the base on long stalks and are grouped into three leaflets; hairy, shallow lobed, and toothed. Three-leaf foamflower can have a long bloom period, from spring to early fall. They provide nectar for hover flies and native bees, where seeds are eaten by birds. A perfect ground plant for moist shade gardens and richly mulched hideaways under conifers canopies.