Swamp White Oak


(Quercus bicolor)

A tough, salt resistant and drought tolerant tree when established. This has made the Swamp White Oak widely planted in landscapes. Native to Niagara and the eastern United States it can form hybrids with Bur Oak trees in the wild. The wood is strong and useful but not as prized as that of other Oaks.


Shinny, dark green with lighter colour underneath (hence the name bicolor). Leaves are obovate and lobed, where lobes are not as deeply recessed as most other oaks. Fall colour is gold or yellow.


Shaggy, exfoliating bark peels in long, narrow strips.


Each acorn cap scale has a small, curved tip.

Pests & Disease

No serious pests except occasional Gall Wasps and Japanese Beetles (skeletonizing of leaves).