Silver Maple


(Acer saccharinum subsp. null)

A fast growing, tough, tolerant shade tree, native to Ontario and eastern North America. Commonly planted for its ability to grow large and provide shade quickly. Silver Maple trees have an aggressive root system and weak wood with age. For these reasons, it's best to avoid planting them near homes to avoid damage from broken branches and invasive roots. This tree can be tapped for maple syrup, but contains the least sugar content of tappable maples.


Dark green on the top surface and silver underneath. Fall colour is an unimpressive yellow-green to yellow-brown. The variety Acer x freemanii (Freeman Maple) is commonly planted in cities to provide a guaranteed nice, red fall colour.

Twigs & Buds

Clusters of round, red buds much like that of the Red Maple.


keys/schizocarp are plentiful and have a 100% germination rate. key pairs measure up to 2.5" accross.