Service Berry


(Amelanchier Arborea)

A beautiful, small understory tree, native to Ontario and Niagara. The Service Berry is known for its attractive flowers, smooth/silvery bark and fall colour. Commonly planted in landscapes and cities.


Elliptic, serrate with an alternate arrangement. Very nice yellow/orange/red fall colour.

Twigs & Buds

Dark, purple/brown stems with slender, purple, pointy buds.

Flowers & Fruit

Attractive white flowers in mid to late April lasting only one week. In late March, branches can be cut off and placed in water to force flowers to appear. The name "Service" possibly derived from this practice (winter funeral service). The name "Shadbush" came from the timing of Shad fish spawning as Service Berry flowers appear. In June, fruit are tasty like blueberries and can be used to make "Saskatoon berry jam". Berries should be eaten when purple, not red.