Boxelder Maple


(Acer Negundo)

A Fast growing, weak-wooded tree often seen in abandoned cityscapes. It can be considered somewhat invasive due to its high seed germination rate. This maple can be tapped for maple syrup, but the taste is more plain than other maples more commonly used. Not often planted in a landscape but can be used as a last resort where nothing else will grow. One exception is the Acer Negundo 'Flamingo', a cultivar with pink edges on the leaves.


Unlike most maples, the leaves are compound, often inconsistent in shape with many leaflets. Like other maples, they are opposite in arrangement. The colour is normally light green with a yellow/green fall colour.

Twigs & Buds

Younger twigs are often green and segmented like bamboo. Buds have white hairs on the edges.

Seeds & Fruit

Keys/samara point down on a sharp angle and are stacked on-top of each-other in clusters.