Alternate-Leaf Dogwood


(Cornus Alternifolia)

A small, slow growing, understory tree, native to Ontario and the Niagara region. Also called the Pagoda Dogwood for its horizontal layers of branches with a slight curl at the end. The Alternate-Leaf Dogwood is favourable for birds and attractive in the landscape for its showy flowers, fruit and bark. It can be grown as a clump or with a central leader.


Its name, "Alternifolia" depicts it is the only dogwood with an alternate leaf arrangement. Leaf colour is medium-dark green with a nice dark-purple in the fall. Venation is arcuate (like all dogwoods)

Flowers & Fruit

Flowers in mid to late May for 2 weeks showing true flowers (not showy white bracts). Berries are dark purple with bright red peduncles (stems of fruit). They are a favourite food for birds.