Pricked by Hawthorn Bush Can't Move Finger

I was removing some brush recently and was pricked by a hawthorn bush a few times. Hawthorns are shrubs to small trees with large thorns that can be one to two inches long. I was wearing gloves but thorns would often go right through them. One of them went directly into the knuckle in the palm of my hand. At was painful at first but seemed fine and I just kept working. A few hours later I began to feel numbness, swelling and pain shooting up my finger. I realized it was probably coming from the knuckle that had the thorn in it. The next morning it was swollen to a larger size and very painful to move. I visited the hospital in the morning and they said the thorn hit a nerve, caused irritation to run all the way up my finger and it could possibly be or cause bacterial infection. She prescribed two antibiotics and gave me my tetnis shot (since I was out of date on that). She said