Soil Food Web Game

soil food web game
The Soil Food Web Game!

This educational game was made to display the soil food web in a fun and visually appealing way. It includes hints of trophic levels, biodiversity, and the carbon cycle. I tried to make it as accurate as possible, while fitting everything onto one page and having it playable with a set of dice (optional).

The soil food web is truly a fascinating and amazing thing. There's so much going on just beneath our feet, much more than can fit onto a page but hopefully this gives a bit of an introduction to what is out there. There's also a version available below in Czech. It was created in cooperation with Dr. Michal Choma from the department of Ecosystem Biology from the University of South Bohemia. Enjoy as a printout for your students to use in your classrooms or just to have fun with the family! (my family thought it was lame but to each their own!)

Download the full size version (English)
Download the full size version (Czech)