Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple
Botanical Name: Acer saccharum
Family: Sapindaceae Native to: Eastern North America
Hardy to zone: 3
Eco benefits: pest/disease resistance
Natural habitat: prairies, inner forests
Shapes: round
Height: 75-80ft
width: 50-69ft
Growth rate: medium
Lifespan: 300-400 years
Unique attractions: fall colour
Common uses: reforestation, landscaping
Light: full sun, partial shade
Transplanting: easy
Soil: moist and fertile, well drained, drought tolerant, ph adaptable

This dense, round/oval maple with nice fall colour and rough, shaggy bark on older trees. It lives long and grows abundantly in Niagara and Ontario. The "Sugar" in its name reflects the quality maple syrup it produces. Strong branches and wood make useful for carpentry and reliable in the landscape.

The "Comfort Maple", located in northern Pelham (in the Niagara region) has been growing since 1500 (over 500 years old), making it the oldest of its kind in Canada. Its leaf is the official symbol of the Canadian flag.


Strong, heavy and hard. Popular for woodworking or as quality firewood.

Sugar Maple Winter
Sugar Maple Winter Trunk


Medium to dark green with beautiful fall colour. The tips are slightly rounded unlike the Norway Maple (a similar-looking tree).

Sugar Maple Leaves

Twigs & Buds

Wood stems are brown with very sharp brown leaf buds.

Flowers & Fruit

Flowers are green. Keys/samara are in a horseshoe shape.