Smooth Arrowwood

Smooth Arrowwood
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Botanical Name: Viburnum recognitum
Other Names: arrowwood viburnum, arrowwood
Family: Adoxaceae Native to: Eastern North America
Hardy to zone: 2
Eco benefits: attracts pollinators, attracts birds
Natural habitat: swamps & bogs, prairies, waters edge, hillsides & uplands, floodplains, forest edge
Shapes: round, multi-stemmed, clump
Height: 6-10ft
width: 6-10ft
Growth rate: medium
Unique attractions: fall colour, flowers, fruit
Common uses: hedge, landscaping, cityscape, naturalized plantings
Light: full sun, partial shade
Transplanting: easy
Soil: moist and fertile, well drained, tolerates heavy clay
Reproduction type: monoacious

Smooth Arrowwood
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Smooth arrowwood is a medium sized multistemmed shrub widespread in eastern North America. The growth is dense, round, and suckers at the base. Its straight young stems were used by natives for arrow shafts, hence the name 'arrowwood'. Smooth Arrowwood tolerates variety of soil types and some drought after established, but prefers moist fertile soil. Tough and easy to grow characteristics make arrowwood a good choice as a tall hedge or screen.

Smooth Arrowwood
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The leaves are glossy or matt and dark green, indented at the veins. Leaf margins are coarsely toothed as the former name dentatum (toothed) implies. Moderately showy clusters of white flowers appear in late spring (May to June). Bluish black berry-like drupes in flat-topped clusters follow them. They appear from August to November and attract birds, butterflies, and wildlife. Leaves turn a potentially attractive yellow, orange, or red to reddish purple in the fall.

Smooth Arrowwood
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