Sand Dune Willow

Sand Dune Willow
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Other Names: Heartleaf Willow
Family: Salicaceae Native to: Eastern North America, Interior North America
Eco benefits: attracts pollinators
Natural habitat: waters edge
Shapes: multi-stemmed
Height: 3-5ft
Growth rate: medium
Light: full sun
Soil: well drained, sandy
Reproduction type: dioecious

Sand Dune Willow
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Sand dune willow is a small shrub restricted to dunes surrounding the great lakes of Canada and the United States. Because of its limited habitat and trends of encroaching forests it is considered a species of concern.

Sand Dune Willow
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Leaves are mostly oval, often heart-shaped at the base, and covered in silky greyish-white hairs. Seeds are covered with fluffy white tufts and are dispersed by the wind



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