Red Oak

Red Oak
Botanical Name: Quercus rubra subsp. null
Other Names: Northern Red Oak, Champion Oak
Family: Fagaceae Native to: Eastern North America
Hardy to zone: 4
Eco benefits: valuable wood
Natural habitat: barren or disturbed ground
Shapes: round
Height: 75ft
width: 75ft
Growth rate: medium
Lifespan: 200-400 years
Unique attractions: fall colour
Tolerances: salt, pest & desease
Common uses: reforestation, landscaping, cityscape
Light: full sun
Transplanting: easy
Soil: tolerates heavy clay, drought tolerant, acid ph

Red Oak

As an Ontario and Niagara native, the Red Oak is valued for its wood and nice fall colour. Its tolerance to salt and toughness to a variety of conditions make it a popular city tree. The Red Oak prefers an acid ph but is more adaptable than the pin oak. Its wood is valuable for interiors but more porous than the white oak, making it unsuitable for wine barrels.

Red Oak trunk
Red Oak leaves


Shinny, dark-green in colour usually with red or potential yellow to orange fall colour. Lobes cut to the center of leaves in a shallower fashion than the Pin Oak. 9 lobes per leaf are most common.

Red Oak leaves Red Oak leaves Red Oak leaf

Flowers & Fruit

Acorns are big and solid. Many male flower catkins scatter and cause allergies in the Spring and Summer.

Red Oak acorns