Red Maple

Red Maple
Botanical Name: Acer rubrum
Family: Sapindaceae Native to: Eastern North America
Hardy to zone: 3
Natural habitat: swamps & bogs, barren or disturbed ground, waters edge, inner forests
Shapes: round
Height: 60ft
width: 60ft
Growth rate: medium
Lifespan: 80-100 years
Unique attractions: fall colour, bark
Tolerances: air pollution
Common uses: reforestation, landscaping, cityscape
Light: full sun
Transplanting: spring
Soil: tolerates heavy clay, tolerates wet feet, drought tolerant, acid ph

A beautiful, Native Ontario and Niagara maple that looks similar the silver maple. Its fall, early spring colour and smooth, silvery bark make it a popular tree for cities and landscapes. The Red Maple is adaptable to a wide range of condition as long as the soil is acidic enough. Signs of improper soil ph include chlorosis in the leaves.


Dark green with 3-5 lobes (3 middle lobes are large). The fall colour is vibrant yellow, red or orange. Since fall colour is genetically variable, a lack of nice fall colour is possible unless a cultivar is used.

Red Maple Leaves

Twigs & Buds

Oval, red leaf buds come in clusters. Nice red flowers appear before leaves in the spring.

Red Maple Flowers

Flowers & Fruit

Keys protrude at 45 degree angles.

Red Maple Flowers
Red Maple Trunk