Using Bedstraw for a Better Sleep

Northern Bedstraw

Bedstraw is a sweet-smelling summer wildflower found on riverbanks and open woods, found worldwide in the north.

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The name "bedstraw" comes from its historical use as a stuffing for pillows and mattresses. The flowers and leaves can be used for a "dream pillow" fresh or dried. Simply add the herb to a sachet and tuck under a pillow for a better nights sleep.

Bedstraw Dream Pillow

Bedstraw tea can be used for weight-loss, or as a blood cleansing tonic.

Northern Bedstraw leaves

Cut some stems and flowers, then optionally lay them out away from direct sun, and allow then dry for a few hours.

Simply use a teaspoon of dried, or a tablespoon of fresh leaves or flowers in a cup of boiled water and steep for a few minutes.

bedstraw tea

It can also be infused into sunflower oil to make a fragrant massage oil.

Cut up some dried bedstraw, then fill a clean mason jar with it to about half way full. Pour in some sunflower oil to about two thirds full, then seal and store out of direct sun for two to four weeks.

Strain and add 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin E or tea tree oil then store in cool place out of direct sun. Oil infusions usually last about a year or more.

Bedstraw oil

The oil can also be used to treat earaches or skin conditions such as rashes, wounds, and eczema. You can also infuse other herbs or combine it with other oils to make extra fragrant or healing blends.

Bedstraw is known to be safe, even for children or pregnant mothers but most herbs have some limits. Prolonged use of bedstraw may cause mouth irritation and avoid medicinal use of it if you have diabetes or poor circulation.